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Residential Versus Commercial Air Conditioning Contractor

What Is the Difference Between a Residential and Commercial HVAC System?

Making the choice between hiring a residential or a commercial air conditioning contractor is easy. A good place to begin is to know what the differences are between the systems.

The first big difference will be the size. A residential HVAC system is smaller when compared to a commercial system. Commercial HVAC systems are bigger simply because they need to cool much larger spaces. Such as warehouses, department stores, or medium-sized businesses will all benefit from these systems. Large buildings that have rooms partitioned off such as schools will need a battery of residential units to climate control each individual room.

Also, the placement of commercial HVAC systems is different from their residential counterparts. Generally speaking, a residential system is placed in the backyard or alongside the house. However, a commercial system is placed on top of the building. This is a space-saving method, in addition to keeping most of the noise pollution away from the building.

Commercial HVAC systems do need better drainage systems. As they will be cooling larger spaces, which means additional moisture will be cycling through the system. The entire drainage system must be installed alongside the commercial system. Whereas residential systems come with smaller drainage systems, when using several systems, the drainage system for each is often placed around the building.

The maintenance cost of a commercial system is more than one for a standalone residential unit for several reasons, including the complexity of components, the overall size of the system, and the differences in the mechanisms. For example, a commercial unit needs highly experienced and skilled technicians to ensure continued efficiency through maintenance, and energy efficiency.

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