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What’s With the Commotion?

Air conditioners give you the comfort you need in your house. They can heat and cool your rooms. But once they begin to produce irritating noises, that’s when the comfort levels deplete. When this happens, call a professional AC contractor immediately.

The noises your unit makes and what they mean:

Clicking Sounds

Most of the time, a clicking sound is normal, especially when you turn on the machine. But if it keeps coming back, it might be a sign of a defective thermostat or control. Ensure there are no electrical issues, and if you suspect there are, call out a professional.

Banging Sounds

This noise is an indication that something is broken or loose inside the unit compressor, whether it’s a piston pin, a connecting rod, or a crankshaft. Another reason can also be blower imbalance. If banging noises are constant, you might need to replace your old compressor with the help of a skilled AC contractor.

Buzzing Sounds

Buzzing is the most irritating noise because it distracts you from whatever you are doing. There are a lot of causes why this is happening. It could be because of a loose part, debris, clogged outdoor unit, fan blade imbalance, affected copper lines, dirty condenser coils, old air filters, damaged blower, or refrigerant leaks.

Squealing Sounds

Most of the time, squeaks and squeals are transmitted through the duct system. When something goes wrong in the system, it makes a squealing noise and can be painful to the ears. You should call a reliable professional to accurately and carefully diagnose the issue since the reason could be many things.

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