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How to Make Sure You Get What You Pay for With Air Conditioning Repair

Tips to Guard Against Air Conditioning Repair Rip Off

Every year the list increases with regards to news stories about air conditioning companies preying on unsuspecting homeowners. These companies are like the big bad wolf knocking at the door. You do not want to let them in! So the question is, how do you protect yourself against air conditioning contractor predators? We at Independent A/C have supplied a few tips that you can use to guard yourself against air conditioning repair rip off.

Be Smarter than the Wolf

Try to educate yourself! Homeowners are easy targets because they are not clued into the world of air conditioning repair. And if a repairman tells you that there is a part that needs replacing, and the name of the part doesn’t quite ring true, then it probably isn’t. Ask the contractor to show you the part, then go online and research the name of the part and the needed repair.

Wolves Run in Packs

There is a lot of power in having a lot of close friends surrounding you. Wolves cooperate and work together when just before they go in for the kill. So take a leaf out of their book and go to your friends and neighbors for advice. Who do they use? Friends are more than willing to recommend an air conditioning contractor that is reliable. Put a request out there on your Facebook feed or Twitter feed to see what comes back.

Be Wary if it Sounds TOO Good to be True

Never go on a quest for the cheapest price, as there will always be a catch. Providing in-home service is expensive, so if someone offers you very low maintenance offers or air conditioning repair service calls for a fixed price, do not fall for it! These tactics are specifically designed to get a repairman into your home. Once through the door, they will start to add costs to the bill or estimate.

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