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How to Avoid an Air Conditioning Repair

Keeping Your AC in Check

Summer is here, and you badly need your AC to give the best cooling it should; some even go the extra mile to have extra units installed just to get by the heat. However, no matter how many ACs you install, it will be pointless when it faces issues. An immediate air conditioning repair would do the trick. Still, prevention is way better than cure, so find ways to ensure your AC continues to function without hitches!

Have a window-type air conditioner installation? Perhaps it’s mounted on the wall? Inspect for physical damages such as deformed aluminum plates. Though these might seem insignificant, a professional and reliable AC specialist should be called in case it’s more serious than it looks, such as airflow blockage.

AC systems consume more electricity than most appliances, so always check wires and cords for scratches or damage. Pets can effortlessly twist wires, tanging furniture along the way. A damaged wire requires replacements as it can overheat, spark and cause serious hazards such as a fire.

When cleaning an AC unit, use a normal hose in the garden and not a pressure washer as it can smash fragile parts inside the system or, worse, bring in water in areas that shouldn’t be. Use a gentle detergent and wipe it dry, or use a vacuum cleaner to dust off the remaining dirt.

The AC filter is an important part of a unit that many owners often forget as they go about maintenance. The filter should regularly be checked and changed; replacements are deemed necessary if there’s already accumulated dust and dirt. Compressors work extra hard when filters hinder a smooth airflow, increasing the energy required for running and, in turn, the bills.

Professionals know how to identify and deal with AC problems, so if you notice one, don’t hesitate to call Independent A/C. Located in Cape Coral, FL, we strive to provide the impeccable, immediate air conditioning repair services people need. Dial (239) 699-3569 now for an appointment.